Character Development Is Important

I am currently waiting for “The Killing” U.S. version to finish its second season in order to finish the back-to-back review. This thing is taking longer than I expected!

In the mean time, I have checked several other series like Angel, Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries, Revenge and Young Justice. And one thing is not like the others.

All of the shows are entertaining quite a lot but something sticks like the proverbial sore thumb. And that is… character development!
Seriously… if one’s going to make tv series which the audience is supposed to watch and care, it is good to have characters that are believable and change at least according to ANY logic whatsoever.

Unfortunately “Young Justice” have yet to hear about this novel idea, because I can not yet explain the sudden “and now we jump  years into the future, adding several new characters and kicking out some others as well” further than “we actually had no idea how to make the audience care”. Which is completely true. People can write and shout until they are blue in the face how comics, animations and tv are just fantasy and that is normal for shows and stories to be completely bonkers, but I am not buying it. It is more than absurd to think that one would care about something they do not understand. In order to like a character it does not need to be sympathetic (e.g. Angelic from “Dark Shadows” the movie with Johny Depp) but it is important to be realistic at least sto some extent… else there would have been comics/movies and tv series about paint getting dry.

My biggest beef with “Young Justice” is not the fact that they are trying to cram too much in too little, I mean…DC universe is HUGE and there are so many beloved characters and stories we’d like to see, and the backstory is… well, you get the idea. So… my beef is simple… I WANT MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and also I WANT IT NOW.

See, the show is now in its second season and minus an episode or two here and there, I do not give a damn about any of the characters whatsoever. Why? Because the story is all over the place. “It’s about the team. No! It is about a long-term evil story! NO! It is going to be “monster of the week, plus subtle character story a little here and there”…


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